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Shih-Han Lee

Shih-Han Lee

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Assistant Professor

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BSRB S111.8136B

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Genetics

Genetic alterations are known cancer drivers, but not all patients harbor sufficient driver mutations to elicit the onset and progression of the disease. There also exist cancers such as pediatric tumors and several liquid cancers that carry very few genetic alterations, highlighting the need for deeper understanding of non-genetic events that are equally potent to drive tumorigenesis. The role of RNA aberrations in cancer has recently come to light and paves avenues for discovery of mechanisms critical for malignant transformation. Novel RNA-targeting therapeutic approaches have shown clinical success, resulting in several FDA approved drugs and dozens of clinical trials for a variety human disorders and cancers.



Lee Lab

Education & Training

PhD - University of Nottingham (UK) - 2009


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