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Swathi Arur

Swathi Arur

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MDA S11.8116a (Unit 1010)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Genetics

Welcome to the Arur Laboratory. We use multidisciplinary approaches and model systems with the goal to gain knowledge and understanding on principles that regulate female fertility. We focus on meiosis I, which is largely completed in the female fetus in vertebrates. Specifically, we focus on the role of maternal environment and nutrition on progression of female meiosis I, and its impact on birth and development of the progeny. We use the nematode C. elegans for these studies. We then translate these principles to understand how cells reprogram their fate to switch to aggressive tumor progression and metastasis, not due to gene mutations but rather due to changes to proteins under metabolic signals. We use mouse models, and human tissues for these studies. Explore the various links on our web page and get to know us and our research. We welcome discussions, please contact us using our email address. 


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Arur Lab

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Ph.D. - All India Institute for Medical Sciences - 2002

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regulation and execution of RAS-ERK signaling; germ cell development; C. elegans genetics

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