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Xiaoqin Wu

Xiaoqin Wu

Regular Member

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
MSB 4.212

The University of Texas Health McGovern Medical School at Houston
Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology

The lab focuses on 1) understanding the molecular mechanisms for regulating intracellular and extracellular vesicle trafficking and cell death in both metabolic homeostasis and disease; 2) identifying novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers for obesity and fatty liver diseases; 3) repurposing existing drugs for metabolic disease. Given the strong association of the protein mixed lineage kinase domain like pseudokinase (MLKL) with the regulation of cell death (canonical) and membrane trafficking (non-canonical), the current focus is specifically on exploring the canonical and non-canonical roles of MLKL in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. The lab will also leverage basic biological insights to develop new preventative approaches and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of metabolic disease. The lab uses genetically engineered mice and a broad spectrum of techniques such as confocal imaging, intravital imaging, RNA-sequencing, and proteomics techniques and bioinformatics approaches paired with targeted mechanistic strategies to explore the basis and functional consequences of dysregulated homeostatic signaling from both patients and mouse models.


UTHealth Faculty

Education & Training

PhD, Anhui Medical University, 2017