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Marian Kalocsay

Marian Kalocsay

Regular Member

Assistant Professor

Zayed Building - Z6.3014

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Experimental Radiation Oncology

The Kalocsay lab is using quantitative mass spectrometry to understand receptor signaling. We have pioneered proximity sensitive proteomics to precisely define functional interactions in situ at unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution and developed proximity phospho-proteomics to precisely follow protein phosphorylation during signaling. We plan to harness these breakthrough technologies to define receptor signaling using experimental models for tumor immune evasion in the future, with the goal of understanding disease mechanisms and developing new therapeutics.

The immune system normally eliminates early malignant cells, thus preventing tumorigenesis. Immune checkpoints prevent overactivation of the immune system, however tumors exploit these checkpoints to evade detection and clearance. Despite enormous clinical importance, we still have an incomplete understanding of which proteins participate in checkpoint signaling, how phosphorylation regulates checkpoint receptor signaling and how uncharacterized (orphan) checkpoint receptor ligands contribute to negative immune regulation.

We plan to leverage proximity-proteomics and mass spectrometry (MS) to study dynamics and aberrations of signaling processes in the context of immune checkpoints, pushing the envelope of existing MS technology. Through our innovative approaches we hope to elucidate ligand-specific differential immune signaling and decode differential phosphorylation in checkpoint signaling with the goal to ultimately better understand how the tumor micro-environment modulates receptor signaling.

Our new lab at MD Anderson is looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students to elucidate cancer-relevant molecular mechanisms in Immune Checkpoint signaling. We apply top-notch quantitative multiplexed TMT mass spectrometry with newest instruments. Come join a great diverse team and help find innovative possible drug targets in cancer therapy.


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PhD, Ludwig-Maximillian's University Munich, 2009

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