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MS in Biomedical Sciences: Course Requirements

Students that are admitted to the Individualized MS Program in Biomedical Sciences may select an area of research concentration by associating with one of the following Programs. Each program has a specific set of requirements for MS students that must be fulfilled in addition to the general curriculum requirements.

If you have any questions about associating with a program please contact Dr. Wassim Chehab.

A list of current Program Directors/Program Managers may be found on our PhD programs page.

Cancer Biology

GS04 1235 Basic and Translational Cancer Biology

Genetics and Epigenetics

GS04 1253 Principles of Genetics & Epigenetics

Not required, but suggested:

G&E Oral Scientific Presentations (GS04 1821) or equivalent
G&E Scientific Writing (GS04 1811) or equivalent


GS06 1013 Fundamental Immunology
GS06 1003 Emerging Concepts in Immunology

Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

GS07 1015 Microbial Genetics and Physiology

Molecular and Translational Biology

GS03 1023 Current Methods in Molecular and Translational Biology
GS13 1024 Molecular Basis of Cell Signaling


Two neuroscience courses (earning a grade of B or higher)

Quantitative Science

GS01 1143 Introduction to Bioinformatics
GS14 1612 Biostatistics for Life Sciences
GS01 1031 Quantitative Sciences Student Seminar Series

Therapeutics and Pharmacology

GS04 1103 Principles of Therapeutics
One elective course (approved by the program director)

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For more information about the MS program or for current MS student academic advising, please contact Dr. Wassim Chehab.