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Financial Department for students at GSBS

GSBS Finance and Management is dedicated to the GSBS community by providing assistance and guidance with matters as they relate to finance.

We assist and guide GSBS current students and new students with their Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) appointments and onboarding process; student funding exit process; inquiries related to tuition and required fees; payment of internal GSBS scholarships, fellowships, and awards; and myUTH insurance holds.

We provide direction to Faculty and Administrators with respect to student funding policies; sponsorship of students' tuition and required fees; student appointment process; and procedure for stipend supplement to internal or external fellowship grant awards.

Contact for questions:

  • Student Information
  • Tuition and Fees



      Payment Deadline (Summer 2024): May 17, 2024

      Check your account balance in myUTH (“Financial Account” section), and take appropriate actions before the payment deadline date if you do not yet have a $0 balance. Any balance after this date is subject to a $50 late payment fee.

      Self-Funded Students - To pay your T&F, click here for information on acceptable forms of payment.

      Sponsored Students - If your faculty or department (sponsor) is covering your T&F for the Summer 2024 semester, be sure to remind your sponsor to submit a Sponsorship Authorization Form on your behalf by the deadline date. After the Bursar’s Office receives the submitted form, they then post it in your myUTH account, to indicate that a sponsor will be paying your T&F for that semester.

      Sponsorship forms do not cover the following:

      • Late Registration Fees
      • Late Payment Fees
      • Graduation Fees
      • Transcript Fees
      • Audit Course Fees
      • Evacuation/Repatriation Fees (international students only)
      • UT “Student” Health Insurance Plan (UT SHIP)

      If you have any of the above listed fees in your account balance, then you are responsible for paying them. Click here for information on acceptable forms of payment.

      If your T&F is not paid for or sponsored by 5:00 p.m. on May 23, 2024, then your Summer 2024 registration will be canceled. The Registrar’s Office will not make exceptions to this rule and the student will not be reinstated for the Summer 2024 semester. 


      Sponsorship Authorization Forms (recommended submission by): May 3, 2024

      Payment Deadline (Summer 2024): May 17, 2024 (any balance after this date is subject to a $50 late payment fee)  

      If you are covering a GSBS student’s T&F for the Summer 2024 semester, you can do so by submitting a Sponsorship Authorization Form on their behalf, by May 3, 2024.   Please follow the GSBS-Specific Guide when completing the form electronically. Forms successfully submitted go directly to the Bursar’s Office.  The sponsorship form serves as a contract that the sponsor will pay the student’s T&F for the semester.

      After May 17, 2024,  if there is a balance remaining in the student’s account, a late payment fee will be added to the student’s term bill (students are responsible for paying any late fees). If the T&F are not sponsored by 5:00 p.m. on May 23, 2024, the student’s Summer 2024 registration will be canceled. The Registrar’s Office will not make exceptions to this rule, and the student will not be reinstated for the Summer 2024 semester.

      The Bursar’s Office will bill/charge after the 20th day of class (Fall and Spring terms) or after the 15th day of class (Summer term). The billing/payment process varies depending on where the sponsorship form came from:

      • UTHealth Houston: Charges are billed directly against the sponsor’s account. Bursar’s Office will enter a journal entry in Peoplesoft FMS.
      • MD Anderson: Bursar’s Office will send an invoice to MDACC Accounting Department with a list of all the required information from the forms submitted. MDACC Accounting will charge the sponsor’s account directly.
      • Faculty/Sponsors at other institutions: Bursar’s Office will send an invoice.
    • GSBS GRA Parental Leave

      Paid Parental Leave for GSBS Students Who Hold Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) 

      Policy Statement:
      The MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) is committed to the academic success of our students. Our commitment extends beyond providing a quality education, and includes having support systems in place to help our students succeed. All eligible GSBS students who hold a Graduate Research Assistantship at MD Anderson or UTHealth Houston may receive paid parental leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care of a child. If both parents are GSBS GRAs, both are eligible for paid parental leave. The benefit does not have to be split between the parents. During paid parental leave, the student must continue to be enrolled full-time at the GSBS. Because the student remains enrolled, this is not a formal leave of absence from the Graduate School. It is instead a modification of academic deadlines and expectations to accommodate the student’s new parental responsibilities.

      Student Funding During the Parental Leave Period:
      • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Graduate School and their faculty advisor of their intent to take parental leave as soon as possible, and at least one month in advance whenever possible so appropriate arrangements can be made. Please email
      • Faculty members who supervise graduate research assistants will continue to pay for the student’s stipend, benefits, and tuition and fees, subject to the terms of the student’s funding source, during the period of paid parental leave. GSBS-funded students will continue to receive a stipend, health insurance benefits, and associated tuition support.
      • If the student’s funding source does not allow paid parental leave, the GSBS will provide funds during this period. Please contact
      • Students in the United States on a visa must get written approval from the Office of International Affairs and MD Anderson VISA office (if applicable, i.e., appointed at MD Anderson) to ensure compliance with United States Immigration requirements.

      Students Appointed in a Benefits Eligible Position at MD Anderson:
      • May receive up to 4 weeks of paid parental leave under the child care leave benefit after completion of 6 months of MD Anderson service. More information can be found here: Health-Related Leave | MD Anderson Cancer Center page.
      • In addition to 4 weeks of child care leave, students can extend their paid leave by using sick leave for up to 2 weeks for a regular delivery and 4 weeks for a c-section.
      • Students may also use their educational vacation leave to extend their paid leave.
      • GSBS students receive an annual allotment of 80 hours of vacation and 50 hours of sick leave.
      • If the GSBS student is the birth parent, they are eligible for Reduced Salary Paid leave (RPL) effective the date of appointment if they are ineligible to receive the child care leave benefit.
      • Please contact the HR Leave Center at 713-745-3652 (5-FMLA).

      Students Appointed in a Benefits Eligible Position at UTHealth Houston:
      • May receive up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave within a one (1) year period (i.e., if 8 weeks of parental leave is taken starting on December 1st, the student will not be eligible to use paid parental leave again until after December 1st of the following year).
      • The 8 weeks can be taken continuously or on an intermittent basis.
      • Students must have completed at least one (1) full-time semester of their degree program to become eligible.
      • Requests for paid parental leave and required supporting documentation must be submitted. Please email to initiate the process.

    • Helpful Resources

      Please note: some links below are internal and only accessible if you have a log in for the institution specified

      Auxiliary Enterprises


      Employee health insurance benefits

      Bursar's Office (internal link)

      Billing and collection of student tuition & fees, sponsorship of tuition & fees, 1098-T tax forms.  713-500-3088, or

      Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

      International Affairs

      MD Anderson Visa and Immigration Services Administration (VISA) (internal link)



      GRA student employee paychecks, direct deposit, W-2 tax forms.

      Registrar's Office

      Registration, student records, transcripts.  713-500-3361,

      Student Health & Counseling Services
      • 713-500-5171 (8am - 5pm)
      • Emergency Crisis Hotline 713-500-4688  (available 24 hours a day)
      Student Financial Services

      Information about financial aid, loans.  713-500-3860, 

      University Police
      • Emergencies: 911
      • General (non-emergencies): 713-792-2890
    • FAQ for Students


      How should I answer the Health Insurance Certification Hold?

      It depends on whether you have insurance coverage or not for the upcoming semester.  Follow the Health Insurance Certification Guide when completing your certification.

      Payroll & Benefits

      I am a paid Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and haven't received my W-2 Form yet.  Who should I contact?

      That depends on the institution (UT MD Anderson or UTHealth Houston) in which you received your GRA paycheck.  If you were paid by more than one institution within one tax year, you should contact both institutions.  Click Helpful Resources for the Payroll contacts at both institutions.

      Tuition & Fees

      When is the deadline to pay tuition & fees?

      It varies each semester.  Check the GSBS Registration website on the latest information for the upcoming semester.


      I will be working at UT MD Anderson.  Do I need a UT MD Anderson badge?

      You do not.  Your MD Anderson UTHealth Houston GSBS dual badge is the only badge you need.

      Who do I contact for badge access to a UT MD Anderson lab or building?

      If you are an enrolled student, your GSBS dual badge has been set up to allow you access to the following: BSRB entrance and 4th floor Sky Bridge, GSBS computer lab, and UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School entrance. For badge access to a specific lab or building at UT MD Anderson, contact the department where you are appointed.